Kai Chung could find a tenant quick enough for his condo in central Singapore to be empty only two weeks in between two leases, thanks to a top property agent recommended by Propseller. Read his story.

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  • Name: Kai Chung L.
  • Deal Side: Rent as Landlord
  • Property Type: Condominium
  • Location: Singapore, central area


When I first approached Propseller, I had already my own property agent. I wanted to try out another one in order to be able to compare. Propseller‘s promise to match me with a top property agent sounded smart. My current tenant was leaving my condominium unit a month later and I was looking to find quickly a good tenant at a good rental price.

Landlord who engaged Property Agent from Propseller - Kai Chung's condo view at Meraprime condo

A few minutes after getting the Propseller’s team on the phone, they recommended three top property agents. One of them was highly recommended by Propseller due to his network and expertise matching the needs of my property: Andre. I met him a few days later and decided to engage him as my second non-exclusive estate agent.

“A few minutes after getting the Propseller’s team on the phone, they recommended three property agents to me.”

In the beginning of the engagement, things were not easy. My current tenant was very often traveling overseas, making the unit very rarely available for viewings. Despite Andre had prospective tenants lined up quickly, he could not show the unit to anybody. So there was no chance to sign a tenancy agreement.

New Top Property Agent, new Strategy

That’s when Andre decided to change the strategy. He prepared everything to find a new tenant as soon as the unit would become available. And the day it did, Andre and his team of property agents all went on a coordinated mass broadcasting on the various property listing websites.

Landlord who engaged Property Agent from Propseller - Kai Chung's Condo Living Room at Meraprime condo

That new approach actually worked very well! While my other agent had still no viewings, Andre had quickly some. And after only three, we signed a tenancy agreement with a very nice Japanese couple just arrived in Singapore. The previous monthly rental price was at S$5,400 and we agreed on $5,200. That is only $100 below my asking price. I was very happy since my unit has been empty for only 2 weeks!.

“My unit has been empty for only 2 weeks!”

Propseller: an impressive technology but moreover an outstanding service

I think Andre – the property agent recommended by Propseller – is very good. From the way he organizes his time to how he made himself available, I was pretty impressed. Regarding the experience with Propseller, what I really enjoyed was not only an impressive technology but moreover an outstanding service both on the phone and on WhatsApp. They assist me finding almost instantly a perfect property agent for my property and it worked really well.

If you are looking for a top property agent, I would recommend Propseller without any doubt!


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