Propseller is a tech-powered real estate agency. We want to offer the most reliable way to successfully and efficiently sell, buy or rent a property. For doing so, we elevate the most human part of the service, with top agents you can trust and we industrialize all the rest, with technology and centralized operations. Our property agents are specialized by area, with a minimum experience of 4 years and empowered by technology. They close 6x more transactions than average and are getting reviewed by our clients to ensure an extraordinary level service. See more here.


  • 30,615 registered Property Agents in Singapore (vs. 23,140 Taxi drivers). Source: data.gov.sg, Oct 2018
  • 1,281 registered Property Agencies in Singapore as of October. Source: data.gov.sg, Oct 2018
  • SG$ 1.5 billion of commissions paid every year for property agent service in Singapore. Source: URA and Propseller Analysis, 2018
  • Singapore Government announces Real-Estate Industry Transformation Map on March 2018, which includes publishing Property Agents completed transactions in order to support Property Agent reviews. Source: Ministry of Trade and Industry.


Propseller Pte. Ltd. is a private limited company registered in Singapore since April 2017 with Registration Number 201711507M. Propseller currently operates everywhere in Singapore.

Registered Address: 28C Stanley Street, Singapore 068737, SG.

Office Address: 1 Kallang Junction, Vanguard Building, Level 6, Singapore 339263, SG.


For press inquiries, please contact: Adrien JORGE | adrien.jorge@propseller.com | +65 3163 4133

Team & Advisors

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Founder Bio

Adrien Jorge is a real estate investor by heart and a digital executive by experience. Prior to funding Propseller, Adrien spent 6 years at Groupon Europe and Asia where he was part of the early team who brought public the fastest growing company ever. Most recently, he was based in Singapore and leading the 7 countries of the South-East Asia region as General Manager of Groupon Getaways. He worked previously for Strategy Consulting firm OC&C, focusing on private equity, advising funds and large firms on their investments. Adrien graduated from ESSEC Business School with a Master of Science in Management and from the University of Lausanne with a Bachelor of Science in Economics & Statistics.

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If you’re selling an HDB flat I definitely recommend looking on Propseller for reliable and professional agents who can get the job done. All in all, it took just 3 weeks for Queen to land, negotiate and close an offer for my flat. Ricky

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I’ve rented out my condo in only 6 days! This was the smoothest lease I’ve ever gone through in 10 years. Thank you Propseller. Vivek

In my 7 years as a landlord, some agents charged me double the commission and some I had to chase for responses. I turned to Propseller for renting out my landed property and found the most responsive and reliable agents I’ve ever worked with. Chin

Regarding the experience with Propseller, what I really enjoyed was not only an impressive technology but moreover an outstanding service both on the phone and on WhatsApp. Kai Chung

I wasted my time before finding Propseller and saved both my time and money after finding it. The minute the Propseller property agent entered my office, I knew intstantly he was the commercial real estate agent we needed. Jin

For any friends who are thinking of purchasing property in Singapore, I would definitely recommend Propseller. This portal is a godsend for any foreigner buying property in Singapore and is looking for a responsible, trustworthy agent service to help them buy or sell a property. Jiawei

The Propseller service puts the spotlight on fantastic estate agent service. This is a step in the right direction in the real estate industry. With time, it should eliminate bad practices in the real estate world.. Mario

I know that many people ask their friends for recommendations, but I don’t think that’s the best way to do it. If any of my friends or family are renting out an apartment in Singapore in the future, I’ll definitely recommend Propseller! Elango

When you sell your HDB, I believe it’s good to work with someone you can trust. Propseller is very reliable. Jun Feng

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