Jun Feng has sold his HDB with an estate agent recommended by Propseller within only two months and just $1,000 below the advertising price. Read his story.

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  • Name: Jun Feng C.
  • Deal Side: Seller
  • Property Type: HDB
  • Location: Singapore, Jurong area


I’ve purchased a new HDB Build-To-Order (BTO) flat so I needed to sell my HDB, my current unit. I had no idea how to sell my unit and doing it alone would have been very difficult for me. My background is in the manufacturing industry so everything related to marketing, selling or contracting is something I am not comfortable with. I needed to sell my HDB with a top real estate agent and I wanted him or her to take care of everything properly for me.

Selling my HDB alone would have been very difficult.

In my mailbox, I usually receive a lot of advertising from estate agents. They put pictures of themselves with all sorts of prizes they received along with the prices of units they pretend to have sold recently. Despite it make look very impressive, I don’t believe any of those pieces of information. Today, the prices of transactions are easily available and I knew the prices those agents claimed to have transacted were unrealistic. I did not want to engage any of the property agents who sent me any of those mailers.

4 rooms HDB unit sold within 2 months

Finding a Top Estate Agent to Sell my HDB

Then, I found Propseller. I really liked the website. It’s very easy to use and I could find much more details about the estate agents. Their expertise, reviews from previous clients, etc. Within minutes, two agents were recommended to me. As I don’t speak English very well, I was happy to be able to find Mandarin speaking property agents. Both of them looked very good and I decided to meet with one: Shan-shan.

As I don’t speak English very well, I was happy to be able to find Mandarin speaking property agents.

Consequently, she came to my house in the following days and inspected the unit. We spent some time together and I quickly felt very comfortable with Shan-shan, the estate agent recommended by Propseller. I engaged her as my exclusive estate agent for a three months period and on a 2% commission scheme.

4 rooms HDB unit sold within 2 months

Getting the Unit Ready and Closing the Deal

Shan-shan has been very good at providing advice. After she looked at my unit, she told me I needed to do some touch-up here and there on the painting to make the apartment more attractive to buyers. I spent less than S$500 on the painting and the apartment was ready for viewings.

The rest was really smooth and I can’t really comment as Shan-shan really managed it all. From organizing viewings to managing buyers, she managed everything and kept me posted on the progress. Shan-shan got the patience needed to explain me everything. The market can be complex to understand, especially regarding prices but she made everything clear. Also, I liked she was very reasonable and fair regarding the price.

After two months and five viewings only, we closed a deal to sell my HDB unit only S$1,000 below the advertising price. I was very happy. I believe Shan-shan has been very good at negotiating the price and representing my interest. While doing so, she probably paid for her commission and got me extra money on top of that.

After two months and five viewings only, we closed a deal to sell my HDB unit.

An amazing experience with Propseller

While I was a bit anxious with the idea of selling my HDB, the experience with Propseller and Shan-shan has been excellent and very smooth. I’ve already recommended Propseller to many of my friends. When you sell your home, I believe it’s good to work with someone you can trust and Propseller has helped to find my perfect estate agent.


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