Imagine this: Your HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) letter is about to expire, and you are left with 2 months to buy a new flat. Yet, your home has been on the market for months and is still unsold. Without selling your existing HDB, you can’t buy another without incurring a financial burden.

That’s what happened to Mr and Mrs Tan. When the property agents they engaged failed to deliver after 4 months, they decided to give Propseller a go. Within 15 days, their 5-room HDB flat in Ang Mo Kio sold for more than a million dollars.

Not only was the unit sold at $80,000 higher than previous transactions, it was also sold with $110,000 cash over valuation (COV). The sale broke records for the highest transaction in the block and the highest Per Square Foot (PSF).


Mr & Mrs Tan’s property listing photos, taken by professional photographers


Why the sellers chose Propseller Premier

According to Mrs Tan, they initially engaged another agent for the sale but there weren’t many qualified viewings after months of listing, “A lot of them just came to look, so it was very tiring.”

“As Mr and Mrs Tan’s asking price was a lot higher than most HDB flats, it would likely have a limited buyer pool. Therefore, we advised them to sell through Propseller Premier because it offered more targeted exposure to buyers looking for premium homes,” Propseller’s Real Estate Consultant Kesang Labattu explained.

With Propseller Premier, sellers can benefit from a cinematic-quality video tour to promote their property, as well as advertising on social media to reach a targeted audience. On top of that, Propseller agents are supported by a team of specialists, including a professional photographer to shoot the listing photos and a Customer Service team to vet potential buyers before arranging viewings.

Unlike typical property agents who have to handle the entire sale process single-handedly, this helps to speed up the entire process. As a result, Mr and Mrs Tan’s unit was sold in just 15 days after receiving 4 offers.


Coordinated the selling and buying timeline

“We decided to purchase our new home through Propseller Buy as well because the one-stop selling and buying process made planning for the entire timeline a lot easier,” said Mr Tan.

Prior to engaging Propseller, the couple spent months searching for their ideal home, waiting for agents to respond, and negotiating the price. “With Propseller, we landed our dream home in just 9 days after 4 viewings,” Mrs Tan recalled.

According to Keiko Kusumoto, Senior Client Success Partner, “They had very specific criteria and a budget in mind for their new home. For example, they wanted a 5-room, high-floor, corner unit, with specifications for the door and windows. So, the Propseller team scouted property portals and called every suitable property listing to check where the door was facing.”

Propseller then suggested suitable units to Mr and Mrs Tan through an exclusive Client App. The couple were able to select the units they liked and request a viewing, all in one click. In 9 days, they found the one.


Propseller’s exclusive Client App: 1) See all suggested listings, 2) Add them to your wishlist, 3) Request a viewing in one click.


“I would strongly recommend Propseller to friends and family because they are trustworthy, reliable, and efficient. More importantly, they give you peace of mind throughout the entire selling and buying process,” Mr Tan said.

No matter your property plans, Propseller is committed to providing the smoothest selling and buying journey, charging just 1% commission for selling. Contact us now for a free consultation.