“We started off with another property agent, but he couldn’t deliver any results after 6 months. It was really stressful and disruptive because people would come to view our unit throughout the day every weekend,” recounted homeowner Jamuna.

“He also told me to reduce my asking price so that it’s easier to sell.” That was the final straw that prompted Jamuna to switch to Propseller. 

Within 2 months, Propseller sold her Sengkang HDB flat at 10% higher than the previous agent’s listed price. The property agency even found her new home within 1 month. “I still can’t believe that in just 3 months, the whole selling and buying process was completed,” Jamuna said.

Jamuna’s property listing photos, taken by professional photographers


“Propseller did in 2 months what others couldn’t do in 6 months”

Jamuna’s ordeal started when she decided to downsize after her parents moved to another place. “When we spoke to other agents, they told us that it would be a challenge to sell our unit as it was on the second floor and near the rubbish chute,” she recalled.

“The first agent I hired was also not responsive whenever I asked for updates or feedback from people who viewed my unit,” Jamuna said. As a result of the slow pace, the expiry of her Intent to Sell was inching closer.


180-degree shift in professionalism and efficiency

By chance, Jamuna came across a Propseller advertisement and contacted them. “From then on, everything started moving really fast. Katherine was appointed as my agent, a photographer came to photograph my unit for a 3D virtual tour, and the marketing team began pushing my unit on property portals,” Jamuna added.

According to Propseller’s Real Estate Consultant, Katherine Ong, “The flat may have its drawbacks, but it is conveniently located close to Compass Point and Sengkang MRT station. There are also very few units on each floor, so it’s quiet and you get more privacy. There’s no reason we can’t fetch a more favourable price.”

“The whole experience suddenly became so stress-free and systematic. Through Propseller’s dashboard, I could see all the enquiries, viewing arrangements, and feedback from potential buyers anytime I wanted. It was a 180-degree shift compared to the previous agent.” Jamuna said.


Propseller’s Exclusive Client App ensuring seamless communication between you and your Real Estate Consultant

Seamlessly coordinated sell-and-buy timeline

Once the sale was confirmed, Jamuna immediately engaged Propseller to work on purchasing her new home. 

“It was crucial for the sale of Jamuna’s existing flat and the purchase of her next home to be well-coordinated. We wanted to ensure that her family had a place to live between the transactions and didn’t want her to settle for a less-than-perfect home or fork out cash to rent while house-hunting,” Keiko Kusumoto, Propseller Senior Client Success Partner, explained.

In a month, Katherine and Keiko found a flat that nailed all of Jamuna’s requirements – close to her parents, high floor and East-facing – and closed the deal after only 1 viewing

On top of negotiating for a lower price, Katherine even managed to persuade the seller to let Jamuna move in earlier so that her family had a place to live after the sale of her flat.

“Propseller helped us through the entire process from start to finish. Everything was smooth, from the timeline to the coordination and communication. I would recommend Propseller to anyone,” Jamuna said.


No matter your property plans, Propseller is committed to providing the smoothest selling and buying journey, charging just 1% commission for selling. Contact us now for a free consultation.