Every Singaporean who owns a HDB unit dreams of making that million-dollar sale. For Valerie and Mervin, that dream became a reality. 

Their 5-room HDB flat at Natura Loft in Bishan sold for a record $1.31 million, making it the highest transaction of their block at that time, and beating the previous high of $1.18 million. Even with such a hefty price tag, the unit was snapped up just 4 days after it was put up for sale.


Reasons behind the record-breaking sale

According to Propseller’s  Propseller’s Valuation Manager, Gim Chuan Ong, there was high demand for the unit as DBSS flats like Natura Loft are rare. On top of its desirable Bishan location, the high-floor unit offered a panoramic view, was stylishly designed, and well maintained.

All it needed was the right marketing tactics and strategic advertising on property portals to get the word out.

By distributing the listing to the right potential buyers, Propseller received 18 interested prospects within 4 days. After 2 days of viewings, it was sold.


How Propseller changed the property landscape

According to the seller, Valerie, they had previously engaged another property agent to sell the unit, but there was no result after 3 months.

“I saw someone recommend Propseller on social media and decided to give them a try since their agent commission was only 1%, which was half of other agents’ rates,” said Valerie.

Unlike typical property agents who have to handle the entire sale process single-handedly, Propseller clients get assigned a full team of specialists that supports agents in listing marketing, professional photography, 3D virtual tours, and advertising on over 7 property portals.

This helps to speed up the process and deliver results fast. It also allows Propseller agents to be more responsive to both sellers and potential buyers.

Another of Propseller’s unique feature is a dashboard that lets sellers track all enquiries, viewings, feedback, and offers for their property. Like a lot of sellers, Valerie found the transparency reassuring as she was kept abreast of the progress of the sale.

“I was impressed by how quick and stress-free the entire process was. Propseller assigned to us a Senior Real Estate Consultant, Aileen Chew, as she specialises in the Bishan area. She took the time to answer all our queries thoroughly, and really took charge of the whole negotiation process from start to finish. Kudos to Propseller’s photographer as well for capturing our place beautifully,” said Valerie.

“The 1% commission was well worth every cent for the service we received,” she added. 


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Singapore, 4 May 2022