As Sean’s family had expanded: he needed to upgrade to a bigger space. However, when thinking about the move, he anticipated challenges such as timing planning, fearing a long, uncertain process.

Little did he know that his property transition would become a smooth and stress-free journey with Propseller.



Sean’s Race Against Time

Sean’s challenge was two-fold: to sell his property and find his ideal new home concurrently. As a first-time seller, he was worried about the timeline. A delay in purchasing could leave Sean temporarily homeless post-sale. On the flip side, if his property sale lagged while securing a new home, Sean risked incurring Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) for owning multiple properties.

These concerns were alleviated when Sean was assigned to Kit Toh, a Propseller Real Estate Consultant with 16 years of experience. Backed by a team of in-house specialists, she set herself the goal to sell his property in just two weeks, and to help him find his new home within the following two.

Regarding the sale, the Propseller team implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract potential buyers quickly. This included professional photography, virtual tours, and listing on multiple platforms to maximise visibility. The result? Sean’s property was sold within the targeted two-week timeframe, exceeding his expectations.


Sean’s property listing photos, taken by professional photographers


Reasons Behind the Efficient Property Search

However, it was on the purchase that Sean’s experience truly stood out. Following Propseller’s success in securing a buyer for Sean’s existing property, the team immediately initiated the hunt for his new home.

Within a mere two days of sharing his search criteria, Sean had already received a curated list of 20 potential listings. This remarkable speed was attributable to Propseller’s back-end team diligently scouring online listings daily.

In addition to Propseller’s expertise during the process, the convenience of technology also played a crucial role in Sean’s smooth property transition.

With the Propseller app at his fingertips, Sean could easily save or reject potential units with a single tap. “On the app, I have the call to choose which house I like and dislike. I think it’s very efficient and easy for me,” Sean shared.

Even more impressively, Sean could request viewings with a single click, and Propseller’s dedicated team handled all the communication, sparing him the hassle of reaching out to multiple listing agents online. Just one week after the search started, Sean already had 6 viewings stacked up over one weekend.


Propseller’s Client App

The experience left Sean astounded at how fast and stress-free a property move could be. In Sean’s words, “I thought it could easily take me months, but it took me two weeks to find my ideal place. Propseller impressed me so much: everything is quick,” expressed Sean.


Considering a property move?

Propseller’s dedication to their client’s needs, efficient execution, and comprehensive support made Sean’s journey an inspiring success story.

So, if you’re considering a property move, let Propseller turn your dreams into reality with ease and expertise. Fill in the form for a free, no-obligation consultation.