(Why are we doing this?)

Make people love real estate agents.

People rely on real estate agents to make important real estate decisions but are too often disappointed by the service they get. It creates frustration and makes real estate agents one of the least appreciated professions. At Propseller, we want to reconcile everybody by offering our clients the real estate agent service of the 21st century: highly valuable, completely transparent, and fairly priced. A service that makes them love real estate agents.


(Where do we want to go?)

Be the No1 destination for real estate agent services in South-East Asia.

We aim to be the No1 destination for residential real estate agent services. That means becoming the entry door to real estate transactions with our real estate agent service and then offering end-to-end solutions to accomplish successful real estate transactions, with technology and services we either provide or orchestrate.


(What commitments do we make to advance towards our vision?)

Help you achieve the most.

Our first mission is to offer the clients we serve the most reliable solution to successfully sell, buy or rent a property. That means achieving better outcomes faster and with much less pain than anywhere else.

Our second mission is to build a great company that attracts, develops, elevates and retains exceptional people, and to be forever regarded as such because they are or were part of the company.


(How are we advancing towards our vision?)

The modern real estate agency that stands by you.


(The founding elements of our thoughts)

  1. Expectations are high and increasing: Today and in the future, in an on-demand and digital world, consumers demand transparency, convenience, and fair prices for everything, including real estate transactions. For the largest financial decision of their life, the bar is even higher.
  2. Satisfaction with traditional agents is low: built around a culture that has forgotten consumer-centricity and by brands that do not capture the benefit of satisfaction, traditional agents have many times lost track and do not aim high enough to meet the expectations of today’s consumers.
  3. Consumers are meeting agents online more and more: people are moving online, expect comparison to be the standard, and trust online reviews and ratings at least as much as the experience of a relative. This is dramatically changing lead generation and putting it in the hands of online marketers.
  4. Business will concentrate: with high expectations, generally low satisfaction and everybody moving online, business is going to those who up their game, who have a brand, and who delight the digital consumers. The number of agents is going to decrease and business will concentrate.
  5. Humans will remain involved in real estate transactions: real estate transactions are very high value and very low frequency, they can only be disrupted with a mix of technology and humans. In both developed and developing markets, when selling, consumers use agents for 90% of transactions.
  6. The role of the agent is evolving: with 95% of listings matching with buyers made online, the role of the agent is moving away from being a match-maker to being a full-fledged consultant with substance.
  7. The consultative-agent will last, the transactional-agent may not: the percentage of agent-assisted transactions will remain high for investment cases (seller, investor, high-end) if and when the agent is bringing value. But transactional agents who are representing only themselves and not doing much other than processing information will disappear (except in very opaque markets).
  8. Not alone will not always mean with an agent: to sell, buy and rent, the diversity of options available will increase and the difference between with or without an agent will get blurry.
  9. Technology and data have the power to industrialise transactions: In selling, buying or renting a property, there are many tasks to be performed in a specific order. Technology is powerful at making humans perform at their highest potential and data is helpful at continuously improving that.
  10. Technology and data have the power to improve consumer experience: In selling, buying or renting a property, there are information, facts, and data to be collected, processed, and analysed. Technology coupled with the skills to make sense out of those data is powerful to create useful insights.


(What we would never compromise on)

We are: Professional…Fire…Makers.


  • Excellence: We have high recruitment, performance, and ethical standards. In everything we do, we go the extra mile to deliver the unexpected. All the time, we raise the bar.
  • Reliability: We say what we do and we do what we say. Our thoughts and actions are clear and sharp. We think responsibly and act reliably. We put our client’s interest first.
  • Transparency: We always tell the truth and never forget to disclose something that is relevant. We believe bad news is the guarantee to not having bad surprises. Transparency takes courage and builds trust.


  • Ambition: We dream big and see big things happening for ourselves and the people around us. We do whatever we are doing to its fullest and believe nothing is impossible.
  • Hardworking: We believe strongly that hard work is the only option for delivering on our ambitious mission. We are hard-working people who value highly sacred social moments away from work.
  • Generosity: Every one of us is a ‘sunshine’ and we take pleasure in caring for our clients and colleagues. We are not egocentric and sometimes sacrifice for things bigger than ourselves.


  • Solution-Oriented: We get things done and done right. We identify the source of a problem, challenge the status quo and provide the right, or a better, way of doing things.
  • Factual: We are critical thinkers using and developing evidence-based knowledge. We argue based on facts (like data but not only) instead of opinions.
  • Feedback: We value feedback because we understand it is the mandatory breakfast for those aiming for excellence. We provide frequent and valuable feedback and feel grateful when we receive some.