Kavita was in search of an agent who would help her with renting out a condo in Singapore. She was pleased to find an agent that ticked all of her boxes on Propseller. After sharing her preferences with her agent and conducting a few viewings, Kavita successfully rented out her property!

My Profile:
  • Name: Kavita R.
  • Deal side: Landlord
  • Property Type: Condo

Renting out a condo in Singapore: the backstory

I have a small studio unit that I bought as an investment property 8 years ago, and my tenant moved out a while back. Since the rental market is down, I knew renting it out on my own would be difficult. The first thing I did was to reach out to the property agent I previously knew. Unfortunately, he was no longer in the industry, so I had to look for a new agent to help me market my property.

I didn’t just want any agent. I was looking for an advisor who:

  • would be honest and upfront
  • would tell me if my asking price was too high – NOT someone who would sweep things under the carpet and say that everything is fine
  • is familiar with my location
  • has marketed similar properties before

Because I wanted someone so specialised to get me the best offers, I didn’t ask for any references from friends.

After doing a bit of Googling, I chanced upon Propseller. I had to input certain details about my property, and got a call from the Propseller team soon after. I gave them more details about what type of agent I was looking for and they got back to me with a recommendation.

4 ways in which my Property Agent helped me

  1. My agent asked me a few questions to understand what tenant profile I’d prefer. Based on that, he arranged for many viewings and I was pleased to see that we quickly got an offer from someone.
  2. The tenant put in a few requests that I wasn’t keen on implementing. He had my best interests in mind and helped me negotiate to terms I wanted to close the deal with
  3. He helped move things very quickly and my tenant moved in within a week!
  4. Despite it being Chinese New Year, my agent worked through the weekend to prepare all the necessary documents. He facilitated the whole process from start to finish, which was great.

In the end, the deal went through successfully and I got myself a new tenant!

Bottom line? I’d rate Propseller a solid 5/5.

My property agent is highly professional and I have zero complaints or issues with him. A huge thanks goes to Propseller for introducing me to a competent agent who knew my area well and had marketed similar properties before.

If you’re renting out a condo in Singapore and looking for a property agent to help you out, you should definitely use Propseller. I would recommend this to any of my friends who are looking for an agent.

Their website is straightforward and easy to use and they really take your preferences into account when recommending agents to you. Thanks again, Propseller!

The next success story can be yours.


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