It was Julia’s first time being a landlord; her daughter had moved out recently, and she wanted to rent out her common room. She wanted to get a property agent to help her out, but she was wary after having encountered dishonest agents in the past. Luckily, Julia found a highly accommodating agent on Propseller, and she managed to rent out her room in just 5 weeks.

My Profile:
  • Name: Julia B.
  • Deal side: Landlord
  • Property Type: HDB

I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with property agents in the past…

Here’s an example: my husband and I found an agent to sell our flat and downgrade to a smaller apartment. This way, we’d have more cash on hand.

Despite us sharing this, one of the property agents whom we talked to tried to get us to take a $100,000 loan from the bank and buy a more expensive house. This meant that we would have to pay a monthly instalment of $1,000+; this definitely was NOT in our best interests.


I have worked with at least 6 other agents before this, and none of them were warm or made me feel like they had my interests above theirs.

We knew we couldn’t trust this agent, which is why we started looking for other agents to help with our rental instead of him.

With Propseller, I got a call within 5-10 minutes, which was very fast!

After looking at Propseller’s website, I submitted an enquiry, and someone called me within 5 to 10 minutes.

I was really amazed at the quick turnaround time. Whenever I reach out to companies or submit a form online, it takes them a few days or weeks to get back to me. So having Propseller calling me so quickly was definitely a pleasant surprise!

Anuj from Propseller was really warm, reassuring and helpful

I spoke to Anuj from Propseller, and he was extremely warm and friendly. He listened patiently to my requirements, and recommended me an agent who was experienced in my neighbourhood – that’s Warren.

Because I was new to being a landlord, it was really helpful to have Anuj explain the whole process to me. He also reassured me that he could recommend someone else if I didn’t think Warren was a good fit, which was very reassuring given that I had so many bad experiences before.


Speaking to Warren: His tone of communication was very respectful from the beginning

When I spoke with Warren on the phone, I could immediately tell that he’s a good guy. He was well-mannered and polite, and I liked his tone. I’ve had agents before who used to look down on us which I did not like at all.

The next step was to meet up with Warren. He came over to my place and took a few pictures; I also explained my requirements to him.

Initially, my husband wanted to ask for $800 per month. Warren told us that we would have better results if we reduced the price slightly, seeing as it’s a common room (not a master bedroom).

Eventually, we decided to heed Warren’s advice and set an asking price of $700.

Warren also gave me good advice on how to set up my room for attracting more clients which was very helpful.

Warren was very accommodating and did NOT give me pressure

After Warren started advertising our room, it took about a month for us to get our first offer. Unfortunately, I didn’t particularly like the tenant.

Now, Warren could’ve pressurized me at this point, but he was very patient and understanding. He told me that the choice was mine, and he didn’t object when I said I’d prefer to wait it out.

After rejecting the first offer, I decided to lower the price to $600 this time. I did my research and saw that other common rooms in the area were going for $500 or $600 and Warren mentioned this too, which is why I wanted to do so. Warren also agreed with my decision, saying that it would be a wise move.

Within a week, I got another offer.

This time, everything worked out perfectly. I got along well with the tenant, and they decided to take the room on the spot. We signed a contract that very day!

Warren helped me with communicating my requirements to the tenant and being my representative to her.

Thanks to Warren and Propseller, my experience as a landlord was stress-free

Although I was a first-time landlord, my experience in renting out my room was stress-free. I have to say… it’s all thanks to Warren and Propseller!

It was crucial to me that my property agent was very accommodating, and Warren definitely delivered. It was really easy and enjoyable to work with him.

Now that my brother wants to rent out his room, I’ll definitely ask him to check out Propseller. Hopefully, his experience is as pleasant as mine was!

The next success story can be yours.


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