Alan was due to receive the keys to his new development condo in 2019, but it was completed in 2017 instead. He tried (unsuccessfully) to rent out his apartment with 3 different agents. By the time he contacted Propseller, his apartment had been empty for 6 months and he had lost out on tens of thousands of dollars in rental income. Luckily, his luck took a turn for the better – he found his ideal agent on Propseller; this agent helped him negotiate and close a rental deal in just 10 days!

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  • Name: Alan N.
  • Deal side: Landlord
  • Property Type: Condo

Here’s the story of how my mortgage was brought forward by 2 years…

My wife and I bought our investment property back in 2013. It was supposed to be ready in end 2019, but it was completed ahead of schedule in end 2017, which caught us by surprise.

When we got the keys to our apartment, we immediately did up the place. We bought an expensive Italian sofa and other furniture, plus utensils, bedsheets, and electrical appliances. We were all ready to rent our unit out by the end of January.


Prior to contacting Propseller, my apartment was empty for 6 whole months

In February, we started working with an agent whom my brother in law recommended. This turned out to be a HUGE mistake. Despite the agent assuring us that he would get us an offer for $4,000, we didn’t get a single viewing or update for 6 weeks.

We decided to get in touch with another agent; this time, it went a little better. The agent organized at least 12 viewings; unfortunately, we got 0 offers.

Alan N's view from condo that was rented out by a top Property Agent from Propseller

This agent also insisted upon signing an exclusive contract with us (for 3 months!), so this really set us back when it came to time.


Finally, I started working with my third agent. He arranged for viewings and got me an offer, but the offer was too low and also came with many strings attached, so I couldn’t accept it.

By now, we were into July. Each month I was paying a lot in mortgage (plus extra for maintenance and utility bills)… but I had ZERO rental income to offset it with.

The agents never updated me very well, some wouldn’t inform me about anything until I personally asked them for updates. They told me what I wanted to hear at the time of engaging them but didn’t manage to get me offers that matched their promises.

Propseller connected me with Queen, who worked at the speed of light – got me an offer in 10 days!

After I submitted an enquiry on Propseller, I quickly heard back from a team member, who recommended three different agents to me.

I decided to work with Queen, and we met at my apartment to hash out the details soon after.

My first impression was positive – I liked that she didn’t make me any grand promises (like our previous agents did). She simply told us that she would use social media and that she’d try to make it happen for us.

5 days after I got in touch with Queen, she started bringing potential tenants in for viewings. 5 days after that, we had an offer. I have to tell you, I was BLOWN away. I definitely wasn’t expecting to get an offer in just 10 days!

Queen updated me on the progress very regularly, before every viewing and after every viewing

All in all, I think Queen did a good job with our listing.

First of all, she was a good listener and she understood our needs when it came to tenant profile. I also liked that she updated me very frequently – she’d message before and after viewings so as to keep me in the loop. Finally, she also knew the area well, which was impressive.

I finally got my apartment off my hands, thanks to Propseller and Queen

Of course, it would’ve been nicer to get a higher rental fee like the first agent promised me, but you can’t have everything. My priority was to get my apartment off the market as quickly as possible.

To be honest, I wish we had just used Propseller and engaged Queen back in January – it would have caused me much less heartache.

Thanks again, Propseller and Queen. My apartment might still be empty and haemorrhaging money if not for you.

The next success story can be yours.


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