By rethinking the way property is sold, keeping what works and changing what doesn’t, Propseller delivers more while charging less. Here’s how.

Adeline felt stuck. 

Her property agent had been unable to sell her condominium despite a lengthy ten months. 

One day, the homemaker and mother of two chanced upon Propseller’s advertisement on Facebook and decided to check out the site.

It was a move she would not regret.

After listing for 28 days, the property was sold within one viewing over one weekend.

When Adeline got in touch with a customer service representative from Propseller, she was quickly put in contact with Propseller’s Real Estate Consultant (REC) Dave Devnath.

Due to Circuit Breaker measures from Covid19, meetings and property viewings had been difficult to arrange.

Instead, Adeline first met Dave through a virtual meeting on Zoom and was impressed by his research efforts in understanding the market trends influencing the sale of her apartment.

Dave was able to provide property statistics regarding the estate and eventually facilitate a virtual photoshoot at the condominium. 

Adeline credited Dave’s keen business acumen in taking interested prospects through a pre-selling process so he was able to filter out genuine buyers for the property. 

In addition, Dave was knowledgeable and knew how to position the right marketing angles to potential buyers to secure a swift and satisfactory deal for both the buying and selling party. 



Adeline was so pleased she had already recommended a couple of her friends to Propseller for their proprietary and innovative way of selling.

Not only was Propseller ‘moving along with the times’ by ensuring their team of property professionals were supported through a network of administrative staff, best-practice processes and updated technologies.

But the results garnered despite the pandemic proved that Propseller was definitely moving in the right direction whilst staying one step ahead.

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