4 Simple Steps to Find Your Best Property Agent and Complete Your Transaction on Excellent Terms

Propseller uses client's reviews, historical transactions and commission rates to find your best real estate agent - the one making you achieve the most with your real estate.

1. Search: Tell us what you need a property agent for

  • Take less than a minute
  • Describe your project
  • Give us a way to connect with you

2. Compare: Shortlist from 30,000 property agents

  • Up to 10 agents recommended to you
  • Check profiles with reviews and transactions
  • Compare commissions rates

3. Engage: Pick your agent(s) and connect within minutes

  • Pick 1-3 profiles (our team will assist you here)
  • Connect on the phone or meet them within 12h
  • Engage the one(s) you want to work with

4. Close: Complete your transaction on great terms

  • Your top agent does all the work
  • Delivers the best to get an excellent review
  • Close at a better price, faster, without stress

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