Propseller COVID-19 Safety Measures

Get a modern digital experience coupled with a controlled physical experience to ensure effectiveness and safety for everyone.

Modern Digital Experience

For sellers, buyers and renters alike, Propseller offers the most digitally advanced property experience in Singapore.

Have virtual consultations with top property agents at Propseller

Virtual Meetings

Get a free valuation and discuss it on a video-call with one of our Real Estate Consultants.

See properties virtually with Propseller

Virtual Viewings

Every property listed by Propseller gets a full 3D scan allowing virtual viewings.

Sign digital property transaction contracts during COVID-19 with Propseller

Digital Signatures

Sign legally binding digital contracts from the comfort and safety of your home.


Controlled Physical Experience

Every viewing will also have SafeEntry check-in and check-out.


  • Temperature
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Shortness of breath


  • Shoe covers
  • Masks provided
  • Hand sanitiser provided


  • 0 touch
  • 1-metre minimum
  • 2 pax maximum


  • Check-In
  • Check-Out
  • Govt. approved

Consultation Procedure


The Propseller Real Estate Consultant will present themself equipped with a mask, a plastic face shield and shoe covers before entering the property.



Upon entering the property, the Consultant will sanitize their hands and measure their temperature in front of the owner.






During the conversation, the Consultant will stay a minimum of 1 metre away from any other person at all times.


Property Viewing Procedure

Welcome Buyer/Tenant

The Propseller Real Estate Consultant will welcome the buyer/tenant on the ground floor.


Verify, Equip and Brief

After ensuring no display of COVID-19 symptoms, we'll provide masks, shoe covers and hand sanitiser.






The buyer/tenant will enter the property after checking-in using the government’s SafeEntry app.



Walk around the unit while maintaining a minimum of a 1-metre distance between people at all times.



The buyer/tenant will exit the property and subsequently check-out on the government's SafeEntry app.



Discuss more about the property with the consultant in the corridor or on the ground floor of the building.


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